There is always something to learn if you are a dedicated martial artist..  If you are just starting to learn nunchucks, this DVD will teach you basics and you can follow along with in depth instruction.  There are drills to make you better and advanced chux manipulations to enhance your skills.  

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If you are a martial artist and always wanted to try nunchucks but didn't know where to start, this is the place. Just grab a pair of chucks and follow along.  You will learn all the basics that you need to get started.  You will learn drills that will make you good.  If you already have experience with nunchucks you will learn hand manipulations to make your forms better.  There is also bonus footage of Sammy in competition so you can view the practical application of the nun chucks manipulations.  See how many you can spot !!  Sammy's other DVD's teach competition forms, but this is unique in that it is a fresh look at current competition nunchucks techniques that you can add to your own forms, or just study to get started.  

You are sure to enjoy this DVD.

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