*Note thst these ARE NOT actual weapons. They are for demonstration and competition purposes only.  By purchasing this item you expressly acknowledge that like any other martial arts competition demonstration weapon, use or misuse can be dangerous and purchaser agrees to waive any and all claims associated with the use or misuse of this item and buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities and releases seller from any liability. SHIPPING- NOTE that chux have to be sent UPS ground shipping and may take a week to receive once shipped. Select priority mail at checkout but understand that they will be shipped UPS ground. Call with any questions.

Why are the chux different than the others.  These chux are made of high quality wood.  Most pairs of chux are weighted differently so one may be a lot heavier than another.  Sammy's chux are weight matched so each pair weighs almost, if not exactly the same.  An experienced competitor always notices the weight difference.  The connections are high quality 3 chain links which enhance the speed of the rotation for easy striking in competition.  The handles were uniquely styled and designed by sammy to be flashy and dynamic.  The purple and green colors, with an orange stripe in between are sure to catch the judges attention and amplify the force to your strikes.  Sammy's embossed signature adds the touch that will be envied by everyone who sees them.

These are the same chux used by Sammy in her Chux University Video.  There come in pairs, one for each hand, and come in 9", 10" and 11" lengths.  The handles are made of wood with the title "Sammy Smith's World Champion Nunchucks" across the purple base.  They are purple and green with a silver and orange stripe and black accent.  There are 3 chain links with a high speed swivel.  Get your pair today.

THE PRICE IS $59.95 PER PAIR plus shipping

11" chux for teens and adults

9" Chux for young beginners to about age 9

10" Chux for ages about 10 - 13

Sammy Smith's


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